Dr Chung and a young girl having fun in the clinic room after evaluation

歡迎來到 Happy Bun Pediatric – 讓孩子保持健康是我們的熱情所在!

歡迎來到 Happy Bun Pediatric – 讓孩子保持健康是我們的熱情所在!

Happy Bun Pediatrics 是一家個性化的精品診所,我們非常喜歡在這裡結識孩子和家人。我們以對家庭友好並讓您感到更放心而感到自豪。

我們的專家委員會認證的兒科醫生 Dr. Chung / ( 鍾 ) 相信每個孩子都是獨一無二的,應該得到最高質量的個性化醫療護理。

正如許多已建立的患者家屬親身了解的那樣,Dr. Chung 喜歡花時間建立信任並聽取患者的意見!通過積極的互動,鐘醫生能夠提供將整體方法與循證科學相結合的優質個性化護理。



The outside view of Happy Buns Pediatric building
Happy Bun Pediatrics, Pediatrician, Dr. Jennie Chung


Y.C. (Yu-Chen) Jennie Chung/鍾醫生,醫學博士/ M.D.,FAAP,是一名獲得委員會認證的兒科醫生,在包括醫院、緊急護理和臨床辦公室在內的各種環境中擁有 15 年的兒科醫生執業經驗。


We totally love Dr. Chung. She is knowledgeable and answers all our questions patiently. We would totally recommend Dr. Chung if you want excellent care for your little one.

Kanupriya P.

Dr Chung is the best, most compassionate, most mindful provider for my kid. We love her and don’t mind the extra drive to have the opportunity for her to care for my kid.

Amy T.

Dr. Chung is excellent! She has been our Pediatrician for years. WE LOVE how nice and how gentle she is with the kids. She listens to our concerns. Highly recommend  to be your children’s Pediatrician.

Susie C.